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!! Taconeo is a Real & an Exciting Live Flamenco Showcase !!


Taconeo Grupo Flamenco is a London, UK based Dynamic Flamenco Dance Company performs traditional and contemporary styles.


Bailaoras (Dancers)


Anika started dancing at the age of seven and started her flamenco training in 1993.   She has been taking classes at schools both in Madrid, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera and London and has studied for such well known teachers such as La Yerbabuena, Juana Amaya, La China, Rafaela Carrasco, Manuel Linan, La Truco to name a few.

In the UK, Anika has been performing at the Roundhouse with Sabor de Espana, at the Peacock theatre, the Old Bull and the London pena. She worked for the BBC in "My summer with Des", and the film version of "the Phantom of the Opera".

Anika is a runner-up in the final of the 1st London Flamenco Dance Competition 2007.


"La Fumi"   Fumie Akiya de Mena

La Fumi moved to England in 1995, has extended her training in Flamenco with the great artists such as Mercedes Ruiz, Rafaela Carracso, Javier Latorre, Manuel Linan, Soraya Cravijo, La Chiqui de Jerez, Angelita Gomez, Alicia Marquez, Pilar Ogalla and Manuela Rios to name but a few in both London and Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.  She frequently returns to her 2nd hometown, Jerez to learn the depth of Flamenco.

She teaches regularly in North, West and Central London and performs in the pena, theatres, restaurants, events and on the television.

La Fumi is also a runner-up in the final of the 1st London Flamenco Dance Competition 2007.


Sara "La Frasca"

Sara has been performing since the age of 12. She has gained her Advanced Ballet qualification from the RAD and has since performed with various ballet and flamenco companies.   She worked for the film of "the Phantom of the Opera" also has been performing at tablao in Seville, Spain.


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